#storyteller The story untold Syria.

# She was only 14. The age of playing at the yard and running with her brothers and cousins. Her mother who is suffering from from broncial problems asked to go to market. On returning back she couldn’t find her house, nor her sick mother. 30 km from Rocca, their house was bombed.The war planes were roaming at the sky.She tried to find her mother by the ashes just to find her at the hands of the jihadist shouting Allaho Akbar. 

Kill her in the name of Allah, someone shouted, she is Kurdist, not a shia. She lost her sense before someone grabbed her. To find herself after a week at the harem of a Isis commado, raped several times.


7 dwarfs & flock of sheeps. ‘You are black and ugly’. You need protection, I am here to save you. Come, give me your fur , let me be rich.He took hundred and become a king.’You are meritorious but neglected, I am brother of the king, you might need a protection, give me your milk and fur, make me rich to protect you. He took hundred and become king. The rest followed the same step and become king.

The salesman to the fur and told the king to sing a chorus with the sheeps, ‘Oh, the wise traders don’t pay the tax , be loyal to the mother queen, who is having a son resembling the sheep and give all the furs to the prince, to protect you. They did, the prince rode a bicycle and stayed with the sheep to sing a song, We shall overcome, we shall overcome, one day to revive our kingdom’. But the giant came out of the Soloman cave got all the treasure and the 7 dwarfs fled away and the sheeps were all set free. They took the giant as their king. The black and the ugly with the one with golden fur.

Save the Earth, save the planet.

#Life begins at #storyteller j d goswami

You are responsible for the destruction of the earth and it’s environment. You can contribute a big way by sacrificing small bad habits.

  • Drive less & walk. If you don’t mind buy a bi_cycle or a motorcycle.
  • Try to switch of electric gadgets and save power.
  • Make it a habit to carry a reusable bag instead of insisting for plastics or polythin bags
  • Switch to vegetables instead of meat consumption
  • Can reuse your good quality water bottles to save energy.
  • This is our earth, unique and the only one, we have to live and keep the earth living.
  • Don’t abuse the mother earth with bombs, coarcion, smoke and blood. The saviours of the universe the ultimate intelligence is watching us.
  • Don’t abuse god just to fulfill your filth and intensions or human will be replaced.
  • Save the earth.

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